Rubber lagging pulley


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Conveyor Pulley  Test


1. All butt welds shall be full Penetration

2. All welds to be full seal welds to prevent rust

3. Shell seam welds are submerged arc (SAW)

4. Includes stress relieving of shell prior to machining
5. Ultrasonic testing of all shafts
6. Drillings for Temperature probe / vibration analysis device
7. Remove all butts and sharp edges

Conveyor Pulley Shaft Selection


The major cause of conveyor pulley failure is excessive shaft deflection. The Conveyor Pulleys - Beijing HSCD Engineering department can perform Stress Analysis and Finite Element Analysis to maximize your conveyor pulley performance. 


Conveyor Pulley Shell Material


Q345B Carbon Steel

GR350 Carbon Steel

ANSI 4140 Alloy Steel

ASTM A514B Stainless Steel

Bearing House  SKF/NSK/FAG/INA/HRB/LYC, as customer request. 
Conveyor Pulley Lagging


Plain rubber lagging, Herringbone and Diamond grooves are all available 

. Hot Vulcanised Durometer 

. Hardness 50-55-65 Shore A, M Grade

. Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant FRAS



•Drive pulley, Head pulley and Tail Pulleys

•Take-Up Pulleys,

•Snub pulley & Bend Pulleys

•Self Cleaning Spiral Wing pulley & Drum Pulleys

Significant advantages


• The thick pulley shell absorbs more stress.

• The large crown angle provides superior belt tracking capabilities.

• True concentric machining provides:

• maximum contact with the belt,

• consistent belt content discharge,

• less deflection of shaft,

• less stress on the bearings


Conveyor Pulley Designs


•Liveshaft or Deadshaft types.

•Flat or crowned shell.

•Taconite, labyrinth or speciality seals.

•Oil or grease lubricated.

•Self centering or low pressure lock element designs.


In addition to the structural drum pulley advantages, we provide additional services with every conveyor pulley order:

•     Engineering capabilities.(We can engineer and custom build pulleys to your requirements utilizing software tools such as Finite Element Analysis).

•     In- house manufactured hubs and shafts.

•     This ensures consistency and compatibility of components of the pulley.

•     Reinforced Mine Duty pulleys are available.

•     In- house assembly of complete pulley unit including: bushing, shaft, bearings and gear box.

•     Dynamic or Static balancing upon request.


Besides we can manufacture the conveyor drum pulley according to the buyers' requirements


What kinds of Conveyor Pulleys we can manufacture:

  • Conveyor head pulley, Conveyor drive pulley, Conveyor bend pulley, Conveyor Tail Pulley

  • Conveyor tension pulley, Conveyor snub Pulley, Conveyor Wing Pulley, Conveyor take up Pulley and so on

Diameter 320mm Magnetic conveyor pulley for conveyor system

Diameter 320mm Magnetic conveyor pulley for conveyor system

Diameter 320mm Magnetic conveyor pulley for conveyor system 


We do careful packaging to ensure the good condition and successful delivery of the conveyor roller idlers and conveyor pulleys.  We can do cusotmer request, we can put customer logo, we can offer excellent Packing Safety.


Diameter 320mm Magnetic conveyor pulley for conveyor system 

Our Project

 conveyor idler and pulley are widely used in Mining & Minerals Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry , Coal Industry, Salt Industry, Ceramic Industry, Sugar Industry, Paper and Pulp Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Textile Industry, Leather and Plastic Industry and so on.

Diameter 320mm Magnetic conveyor pulley for conveyor system




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